"Dubai Carbon Conceptualises, Manages, Executes and Monetises GHG Reduction Measures"
Dubai Carbon is a green economy and low carbon think tank established to fulfill a regional gap. We are a hub of creativity, innovation, research and technologies. We specialize in the design and implementation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction measures, using CO2 as the denominator for resource efficiency and comparability across all business activities and industries. Dubai is transitioning to a low carbon economy, and Dubai Carbon is the enabler and knowledge repository in that process. This transition is incorporated into our DNA, and we reflect it in our brand mark through the Greek letter 'Delta' d. It stands for change, deviation from standard practice and, also for the initial of Dubai, the birth city of Dubai Carbon. Together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) it forms a Private Public Partnership (PPP). In line with its pursuit for "excellence" and in compliance with its shareholders best practices, Dubai Carbon implements the highest standards in governance to ensure a functional yet fully transparent and well-governed approach.

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Dubai Carbon provides turnkey project management for the creation of Corporate, Local and Federal knowledge products.
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This is a Dubai-focused publication that provides the public with a clear overview of the Government’s plan and public and private efforts, as well as benchmarking the country’s current standing. It is the official publication of the annual World Green Economy Summit in October. The report seeks to present the country’s current status according to international benchmarking, and the progress made on diverse public and private initiatives. The report also guides the reader towards good practices, outlines promising green investment opportunities and details the experiences of public and private-sector initiatives that boost the green economy in the UAE and around the world.
The UAE has launched the first Arab space exploration initiative. Find out more in the 2016 edition.
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This is the result of the high-level plenary meeting of the UN General Assembly in September 2015, which resolved to kick-start the bold and transformative 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. The new agenda calls on countries to begin efforts to achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
and 169 targets over the next 15 years. The is set to become a ubiquitous platform for publishing progress, solutions and success stories in sustainable economic, social and environmental development in the UAE. The publication will capture key indicators and report on progress annually, with a primary focus on capturing private-sector best practices and reporting them regionally and internationally.
According to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, "The 17 SDG’s are our shared vision of humanity and a social contract between the world's leaders and the people. They are a to-do list for people and the planet, and a blueprint for success".

Did You Know?: The report was launched on the 10th of February at the World Government Summit in Dubai.
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This is the leading benchmark publication on the country’s energy sector. The annual report is published by the UAE Ministry of Energy and is created in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The report focuses on the important steps taken by the UAE in terms of renewable-energy contributions within the UAE’s energy diversification policy and energy efficiency criteria, as well as the consolidation of efforts to achieve clean, safe and sustainable energy and reduce the effects of climate change. The report
is the key publication of the UAE Ministry of Energy and is distributed annually during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week. It also contains the results of the annual UAE GHG Inventory.
The report was launched on October 22nd 2014 at the World Energy Conference in Cartagena, Lima as an element in the Ministry's successful bid to host the World Energy Congress in 2019.

The report was launched on October 22nd 2014 at the World Energy Conference in Cartagena, Lima as an element in the Ministry's successful bid to host the World Energy Congress in 2019.
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We conceptualize, develop and manage the production of publications for our clients. We work closely with the departments to create journalistic products that tell your story, or full-fledged GRI compliant sustainability reports and anything in between.
ENOC launched their corporate report as part of their WETEX 2015 participation.
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The Carbon Ambassadors Programme
is currently being managed by DEWA, and it provides students with the training and capacity-building necessary to shape the leaders of tomorrow. The Carbon Ambassadors Programme is currently
being managed by DEWA. The Carbon Ambassadors are the next generation of leaders and experts who will implement ambitious national strategies and plans, and contribute to developing innovative new initiatives and programmes, which will help achieve the goals of the UAE Vision 2021. The Carbon Ambassadors are also contributing
to the goal of the Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030, to reduce energy demand by 30% by 2030.

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This programme involves DEWA graduates in voluntary efforts related to sustainable development and the green economy.

The programmes and initiatives of the Dubai GEP aim to enable the growth
of green trade and investment and accelerate the adoption of green technologies, products and services across regional and global markets. along with the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI), Dubai Carbon performs a facilitating role within the Dubai GEP Programme.

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The Dubai Green Economy Partnership (Dubai GEP) is the first multi-stakeholder and cross-sector partnership platform to promote the transition to a green and low-carbon economy in the Middle East.

The Green Jobs Programme is an umbrella framework under which green jobs and education will be addressed through a number of annual initiatives

Green Jobs Programme
The Green Jobs Progamme: An initiative aimed at educating future green workers and spreading this knowledge to the public. This is rooted in the UAE Vision 2021, promoted by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister
of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

A platform that allows users to view and purchase a series of pre-verified energy and water-consumption products
and services. Crowd-sourcing will allow for economies of scale to extend economic benefits to end users, while ensuring that proper due diligence and a fast-track approach facilitates adopters of new initiatives within Dubai’s strategic vision for a green economy.

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  • Dubai CFL Project

    Location : Dubai
    Sectoral Scope : Energy Demand
    Emission Reduction Potential : 23,686 metric tCO2e per annum
    UNFCCC Reference Number : 6316
  • 10MW Photovoltaic Plan in Dubai

    Location : Dubai
    Sectoral Scope : Energy Industries
    Emission Reduction Potential : 12,765 metric tCO2e per annum
    UNFCCC Reference Number : 6964
  • Regenerative Burners for Melting Furnaces

    Location : Dubai
    Sectoral Scope : Manufacturing Industries
    Emission Reduction Potential : 9,762 metric tCO2e per annum
    UNFCCC Reference Number : 7270
  • UCC RAK Waste Heat Recovery

    Location : Dubai
    Sectoral Scope : Energy Industries and Manufacturing Industries
    Emission Reduction Potential : 59,361 metric tCO2e per annum
    UNFCCC Reference Number : 7384
  • DEWA Chiller Station L

    Location : Dubai
    Sectoral Scope : Energy Industries
    Emission Reduction Potential : 26,800 metric tCO2e per annum
    UNFCCC Reference Number : 7260
  • GHG Emission Factor per capita: 24.16 tCO2e/capita, of which energy emissions per
    capita is 20.29 tCO2e/capita
  • GHG Emission Factor per capita: 24.16 tCO2e/capita, of which energy emissions per
    capita is 20.29 tCO2e/capita
  • GHG Emission Factor per capita: 24.16 tCO2e/capita, of which energy emissions per
    capita is 20.29 tCO2e/capita
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Dubai Carbon's advisory work covers a number of different activities
including identifying ways of improving operational efficiency within
entities and establishing green strategies linked to existing corporate
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In preparation of a world class sustainability programme for Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai Carbon was commissioned to
analyze, benchmark and issue recommendations on sustainability and carbon management

Carbon Abatement & Resource Efficiency Strategies are Dubai Carbon’s bread and butter. In line with the Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative, Dubai Carbon provides an extensive analysis of company’s resource consumption patterns and carbon emissions.

Dubai Carbon developed an Emission Reduction Programme (ERP) that complements entities investment strategy and aims at reducing operating costs. Dubai Carbon conducted an ERP for DEWA, and the project covered all DEWA activities, including power and water generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and water demand side management and commercial offices, fleets and so on. Other entities such as Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), Emirates Transport, du, and Dubai Police have commissioned similar activities and now run more efficiently. This data-centric approach leverages the key internal data of any organization and provides measurable economic indicators and benchmarks to identify how green innovation can be implemented and when.

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Waleed’s career began in the Federal Electricity and Water Authority (FEWA) in 1992 as an Electrical Engineer. Over 16 years, Waleed progressed through many roles including Project Manager, Manager of the Control Centre and Director of Electricity. After many years of development, Waleed became Deputy General Manager for Technical Affairs in FEWA in the year 2007. Waleed was assigned by UAE Electricity Interconnection High Committee to handle the Emirates National Grid Project. T During the Emirates National Grid Project, Waleed was given the opportunity to work for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), as Vice President for an Electrical Transmission project. Between 2007 and 2009, Waleed was assigned to seek new business opportunities and work with the Regulation Departments. The result of this led Waleed to become Executive Vice President for Strategy & Business Development in 2009, for DEWA. The new role directed him to lead strategic projects, including DEWA's Strategic Plan. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum decreed for the Dubai Nuclear Energy Committee in 2009 to be created; which included Waleed as the committee is responsible for all Nuclear Energy activities for the Emirate of Dubai. Furthermore and during the same year, Waleed was assigned as a member of the Supreme Council of Energy of Dubai a council which undertakes all Energy activities for the Emirate of Dubai.
Waddah (BEng (Hons), DipEM, DipSM, MSc (Dist), MBA, AMIE) is the Chief EHSQ Compliance Officer for ENOC Group. He is the Chairman of various Committees within the Organization, including the Wellness and Social Activities Program which serves over 6000 employees. Waddah is an Environmental Engineer graduated from the University of Wales, College Cardiff. Waddah holds a distinction level MSc in Environmental Science from the University of the UAE. He has obtained an Executive MBA through Bradford University in the UK in which he specialized in organizational safety behavior. His current doctorate research work with the Bradford School of Management, Bradford University, UK is focused on operational corporate governance and safety leadership. Waddah has broad experience and working knowledge of environmental management systems and pollution control; fire and safety compliance and design reviews; development and administration of occupational health management systems; EHS Management Systems Auditing; Job Safety Task Analysis; Total Quality Management and other HSE specificities. He has managed various fire drill exercises and has worked as an observer and facilitator with operating companies and Government Authorities. He frequently, as part of his core job, audits emergency response plans and procedures for facilities. He sits on various committees with Government, educational institutions and technical committees within the ENOC Group. He is a co-author of a text book “Safety Management, A comprehensive approach to developing a sustainable system”.
Abdulmunim Bin Brek graduated in 1986 with a BSc. in Geology and Physics from the United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain. He joined DUBAL in 1987 as a graduate trainee in the Carbon Plant and became Shift Supervisor in 1989. In 1995, he was promoted as Manager, Anode Plant and later in 2001 assumed responsibilities of the Potlines. In 2003, he was appointed as General Manager-Smelter Operations including Technology Development and Technical Services and by 2007, he oversaw the expansion of hot metal production capacity from 536,000 Mt. to 761,000 Mt. In October 2008, Abdulmunim was appointed to his current role of Vice President – Engineering, Expansions and EHS, responsible for all projects for the entire Smelter as well as the Power and Desalination plants. Since 2007 he has managed a Capital Expenditure spend of around US$1,600million. In addition, he is responsible for all Smelter Maintenance and Environment, Health & Safety protection at DUBAL. He is currently a member of DUBAL’s Executive Management Team.
Tariq is currently handling the position of Chief Operation & Maintenance Officer at Emirates Central Cooling System Corporation (EMPOWER). He has over a decade's experience and is responsible for leading a team of qualified engineers and technicians to take care of the operations and maintenance of all Empower District Cooling plants. One of his key tasks is to improve plants operational efficiency so that Empower maximizes its return and the consumers get a cost effective service. Tariq joined Empower in April 2006 as Operations and Maintenance Manager and was promoted to Director of Operations and Maintenance in January 2007. Prior to that he spent about nine years in ZADCO, an Abu Dhabi based Offshore Oilfield Company, as a Team Leader - Well Operation and Reservoir Control, Surface Operation Supervisor, Down Hole Operation Supervisor and Reservoir Engineer. Tariq holds a Bachelors Degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa, USA.

Our Team members

Ivano is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s foremost experts in the fields of Sustainability and Carbon Emissions Management. As a member of the Senior Management team of the United Nations and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has managed important projects under highly challenging circumstances, in countries such as Afghanistan, Sudan and Mozambique. His most recent notable achievements include the Yas Island Integrated Waste Management Plan and the Energy from Waste Heat project in Ras Al Khaimah.
Thomas is an experienced project manager and team leader with many years of international working experience in managing projects in the field of energy, environment, sustainability and climate change. His primary focus areas are renewable energies, energy efficiency, wastewater treatment and waste management, energy and environmental planning and low carbon technologies. Thomas has extensive experience in developing and marketing new business areas with a special focus on emerging markets. He holds a Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering) from Flensburg University, Germany
Michaela is an Environmental Awareness specialist with a Master’s Degree in Political Communication. She is the project manager for Dubai Carbon’s outreach programmes, awareness campaigns and the carbon, energy and project management-training portfolio. As a consultant, she advises clients on resource management, CSR initiatives and capability building and is the ongoing Editor-in-Chief for the ‘State of Energy Report’, developed in cooperation with the UNDP. She holds certifications in ‘ISO 14064 Lead Verifier for Greenhouse Gas Accounting’ and Resource Management.
Mercedes is a physicist and sustainability specialist with a special focus on green economy, green jobs, green policies, green skills and CSR. Holding a Master's in Sustainable Development, Mercedes worked for the UN agency Geneva-based ILO where she spent 3 years conducting extensive research and managing cutting-edge projects on many aspects of the green economy such as green building, renewable energy and green jobs. Mercedes also collaborated with the WBCSD adding more business sustainability experience to her background. In DCCE she originates new collaborations and manages the Dubai Green Economy Partnership and the Green Jobs Programme.
With a BA in Environment and Business from the University of Leeds, Rachel built her knowledge of risk management, carbon footprinting, and energy auditing, with a focus on CSR and sustainability, joining Dubai Carbon in March 2012. She has contributed to the successful delivery of various initiatives leveraging her skills in project management, origination, administration, and corporate branding and communications. Rachel is accredited in the PRINCE 2 methodology and ISO14064 Standard for GHG emissions and reductions quantification, monitoring, reporting and verifying.
Lilyana joined Dubai Carbon a year ago as an Office and HR Manager. Her experience sums up to over 12 years, out of which last 7 years are in Dubai. She is also certified Human Resource Practitioner by UK based Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She is managing DCCE office operations and HR department, while in charge of resourcing and talent planning, employees' relations and engagement. She takes care of our employees and entire office mood, especially when cakes are involved.
Mohamed Abdullah Elimam is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from university of sharjah. At Dubai Carbon, he offers full support in Dubai Carbon's outreach programmes and awareness campaigns. He is currently responsible as the project support and focal point for the State of Energy Report 2016 and the Sate of Green Economy Report 2016. Mohamed has previously supported in the UAE GHG Inventory 2013 cycle and is predominantly interested in energy efficiency projects, project management, and football.
Fazil is an energy and sustainability consultant with over 6 years of experience comprising the areas of project management, consulting, R&D and engineering. Currently in his role as Asst. Technical Manager at Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE), he manages projects dealing with emission reduction strategy & policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change mitigation. He holds an MSc from Masdar Institute Abu Dhabi in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA and a B.Tech from Mahatma Gandhi University, India. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Measuring and Verification Professional (CMVP) and a certified Lead Verifier on GHG Accounting (ISO14064:2006). Fazil is also one of the first International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) scholars and Masdar's Young Future Energy Leader (YFEL). He serves as the Technical Secretary for Dubai's Carbon Abatement Strategy's Technical Committee. Fazil is also an author in the IEEE Journal of Smart Grids, where he introduced the concept of 'Demand Response Mismatch' to the research world.
Suraiya has a strong background in environmental sciences, economics, renewable energy, and climate change. She is experienced in implementing projects and capacity building in the fields of energy, sustainability, carbon finance and climate change mitigation within govt, private, and multinational funding agencies. Her primary focus is Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Nationally Appropriate Mitigating Actions (NAMA), carbon footprinting, energy efficiency, and renewable energies. She is responsible for project portfolio, project management of the Carbon Ambassador Programme, editorial assistance in knowledge products and assisting the technical team with the UAE GHG Inventory, Corporate carbon footprinting.
Walid Shah is a Finance Officer at Dubai Carbon, a Qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) from United Kingdom and a graduate from Oxford Brookes University UK. He handles day-to-day Accounting and Financial affairs for Dubai Carbon. He is learning to integrate conventional finance into Green Financial Projects. He poses in depth experience and knowledge of Financial Reporting, Budgeting & Performance Management, Risk Management and Financial Audits gained through working in one of the Top 10 Accounting firms in world
Mariam garners over 3 years of academic research experience in collaboration with university professors from AUS and Cambridge University Engineering Department in the UK. Mariam’s research activities require capability to conduct rigorous literature review, design and carry out field experimental setups for data collection, and the ability to statistically analyze the collected data in order to discuss the research findings. Her research findings are featured in international proceedings publications, as well as, portrayed in current manuscripts under peer-review by journals such as Water Resources Research, and the International Journal of Sustainable Societies. As a project research assistant in the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, she currently conducts research for federal energy and local green economy report publications, while also maintaining her academic research activities with AUS.
Joel is a Computer Science graduate, a versatile and hardworking individual with a practical hands-on approach, he works as an Administrative Staff in Dubai Carbon. He supports the team in doing procurement, logistics, facilities management and other related day to day administrative duties in the office.
Having recently joined Dubai Carbon as a Communications and Outreach Officer, Faris contributes to the delivery of the various initiatives that are engaged by Dubai Carbon. He holds a BA in Communications and Media Studies from Franklin University Switzerland, during which time he leveraged his acquired skills in advertising, marketing and public relations. Prior to joining Dubai Carbon, Faris had undergone rigorous communications and media training in TBWA/Raad & Oman Holdings International, which greatly contributed to his assimilation into the Dubai Carbon team.
Dragana has been working on developing new projects and sponsorship strategies for various initiatives and events across Europe and Middle East. As a Project Originator for Dubai Carbon’s Programmes and Knowledge Products, she advises clients on best ways to position themselves on the global environmental map, and promote their CSR campaigns and initiatives in line with green economy. She has a Master’s Degree in Business Law and NLP trainings, and focuses on developing sustainable long-term partnership for environmental issues through advocacy, education and awareness building.
Shahda Mazin Al Taie , Technical Officer, Dubai Carbon , is a Mechanical Engineer with a First Class Honours degree from Heriot Watt University. Her academic efforts were further recognized when she was awarded the Eric Gibb prize for the best performance for two consecutive years during her course. At Dubai Carbon, she offers Technical expertise for projects dealing with carbon footprints, emission reduction strategies and energy efficiency. Shahda plays a pivotal role in the UAE GHG Inventory project, where she handles data analysis and benchmarking, stakeholder communications, quality assurance and reporting.

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Waddah Ghanem

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Abdulmunim Binbrek

Member of the Board

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Member of the Board

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Ivano Iannelli


Thomas Bosse

Technical Director

Pablo Izquierdo

Sr. Technical Manager

Rachel Bartz

Assistant Manager, Sustainability & Communications

Fazil Abdul Rahiman

Assistant Technical Manager

Suraiya Tasnim

Project Officer

Walid Shah

Finance Officer

Mariam Maani

Project Research Officer

Joel Ante

Administrative Officer

Mohamed Abdullah Elimam

Project Officer

Shahda Al Taie

Technical Officer

Moamen Younis

Operations Director

Santhosh Shyamsundar

Publishing Director & Editor-in-Chief

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Take the exit 51A from Sheikh Zayed Road, stick to the middle and follow the signs to 'D71 Jumeirah'. The bridge will take you to Al Safa Street, which you will follow for approx.400m. Past the first traffic light at the iconic Al Khazzan water tower you need to enter the service road on your right hand side. There you will find the main gate of the Dubai Petroleum Complex. Visitor's parking available.

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