ESCO Expert Pierre Langlois Speaking at DCCE Workshop on November 12th

October 23, 2012

Dubai, 23 October 2012: With the increasing necessity to improve energy efficiency in buildings, owners and managers look for international best practices to realise energy upgrades without high capital investment.
The solution is self-funding energy efficiency, which incorporates models such as energy performance contracting (EPC) and Energy Efficiency Company (ESCO) models which are now taking place in the middle east.
Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, in collaboration with IndustryRE is inviting Pierre Langlois, the president of Econoler, the market-leading Consultancy for ESCO and performance contracting and author of “World ESCO Book” to deliver a unique training and bring this international know-how and best practice to the UAE.
Recommended by the Supreme Council of Energy and the International Green Awards this comprehensive foundation is open to decision makers from the private and public sector, building Owners & Owner Associations, Developers, Facility Managers, NGO’s, Energy Efficiency Companies, Technology Companies. It will provide valuable knowledge to legislation makers and practitioners alike.
The workshop will focus on 5 core areas:
1) Building improvements and without capital expenditure
2) Energy performance management
3) Increasing capital appreciation of property value
4) Reducing facilities costs
5) Cost management – application of key methodologies and techniques to combine electricity and maintenance costs into one energy efficient solution
This full day course is taking place 12th November with a cost of 4360 AED. The Carbon Centre will issue a certificate for successful participation.

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