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Carbon knights in shiny green armour

Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (Dubai Carbon) kick-start an unprecedented Youth Empowerment Programme for Student Thought Leaders with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) & the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE)
24th April 2014, Dubai, UAE: Dubai Carbon launched The Carbon Ambassador Programme, an unprecedented Youth Empowerment Programme for Student Thought Leaders with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The Carbon Ambassadors will be the next generation of leaders trained for positions created through the ambitions laid out for the UAE in the coming years. The first class of ambassadors will be announced during the ‘Dubai Green Week’ and WETEX 2014. The MoU between UNDP and Dubai Carbon for the programme was signed in New York at the end of 2013, whilst launching the first edition of the State of Energy Report: Dubai 2014 with the UNDP.

The programme aims to “push” young, bright minds into the deep end of the pool, where through hands on projects, competitions, trainings and participation in conferences, they will implement their knowledge into stimulating scenarios. In line with the activities of the UAE, which streamline a culture of sustainable development and green economy, the UAE’s leaders of tomorrow will be shaped and be enabled to consciously interact with local and global perspectives.

HE Saeed Al Tayer said, “The initiative is very close to my heart. By engaging the youth in steering the path of our country towards a more resource conscious and green economy, we enable them to take ownership of their future. They will take the challenge head-on and develop an economic model and lifestyle that is custom-made to the UAE’s environment and culture and is sustainable for generations to come.”

HE Waleed Salman, Chairman of DCCE said, “The programme is the essence of innovation to engage volunteers who will receive training and certification to spearhead green development, and will be invited to participate in events, activities, projects and more after they complete their studies. Interested students are encouraged to get in contact with Dubai Carbon to join the application process”.

Sayed Aqa, UN Resident Co-ordinator, UNDP Resident Representative, UNDP said, “We have seen a great number of remarkable initiatives in the area of knowledge sharing and public engagement coming out of the Middle East, and in particular the UAE recently. The UNDP is taking great pride in our excellent collaboration with DEWA and Dubai Carbon, and we hope to see similar models of public private partnerships taking place in the region”.

Forty Ambassadors have been appointed for the duration of one year and will work closely with Dubai Carbon whilst being involved in decision making processes and trained in the areas of sustainability, carbon emission reductions and climate change mitigation, and adaptation. This is the beginning of a great movement that will empower the youth to take ownership of the UAE’s ambitions and in turn allow it to flourish more.