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DCCE trainings 2013 to be launched on march 7th

Dubai, UAE; 4 March 2013: The Dubai Carbon Centre is launching its 2013 course curriculum this upcoming Thursday.
The first course to be held is ‘Corporate Carbon Foortprinting’, the foundation training of the ‘Carbon Excellence’ Module.
There is a limited number of remaining seats available, contact Girllie Mosquesda on GirrlieM@dcce.ae or 04/3072600.
‘Corporate Carbon Footprinting’ is also recommended as foundation for delegates for ‘Carbon and Sustainability Reporting” training on March 27th. Registration os now open. Reserve your seat with Girllie Mosquesda on GirrlieM@dcce.ae or 04/3072600.
Learn how ot use reporting platforms to establish carbon mesurement structures and create carbon reports
Download agenda here.
Leading businesses worldwide provide insights in their carbon emissions and environmental performance. By doing so, they offer transparency to shareholders, investors, decision makers and their clients, future-proof their business and mitigate risks. In countries like the UK, disclosing this information will even be mandatory and affect the company’s international operations.
An increasing number of UAE entities are taking up Carbon and Sustainability reporting – but which platform and methodology is right for your company?
This training provides an overview of the nature, range and usage of different platforms (i.e. CDP and GRI), their data and reporting requirements, level of transparency and implications. Whether you have reported before or it is your first time, you will learn systematically how to manage the reporting process, how to submit the data and produce a carbon report and how to optimize your accuracy and scoring results.
Reporting GHG emissions through available platforms can be the first steps in a carbon measurement and management path. The course is recommended if you wish to:
Start or systemize the process of calculating your carbon footprintLearn from industry leaders on how to improve your own operationFind new business opportunities & identify how the organization copes with threats arising from climate changeShare your success stories with your peers, shareholders, clients, public audience & mediaBenchmark against your peer group and showcase successes