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Sustainability made easy

How you can improve your sustainability efforts

Sustainability self assessment tool launched on World Environment Day to encourage entities to assess and identify opportunities for improving sustainability efforts

Get the most out of your sustainability efforts. World Environment Day was marked by the introduction of an online sustainability self-assessment tool. Do you know how your day to day business operations impact the environment? By introducing this tool, the aim is to enable entities to understand their current sustainability efforts, economically, socially and environmentally, and from there, use this knowledge to benchmark against peers and achieve better environmental credentials.

The tool covers a multitude of sectors and activities which all businesses have exposure to. Categories included are an initial assessment of a number of important resources and operation excellence issues such as energy, water, green operations, innovation, infrastructure, and human capital.

Waleed Salman, Chairman of Dubai Carbon Centre for Excellence said, “We have created this online self-assessment sustainability tool, in order to support the private sector to understand where they stand within the green economy. The tool will identify opportunities an organization can take advantage of, in order to achieve higher credibility in contributing to the nation’s sustainability vision, and give a clear direction to the organization’s operational efficiency strategies.”

Frode Mauring, UNDP Resident Representative in the UAE, said, “Inclusion of sustainable processes in private sector plays a crucial role in the successful implementation of governmental policies to establish a green economy environment.”

The easy to use assessment tool will be able to provide a multi-criteria baseline understanding of the organisations that complete it in regards to the green economy. It will also measure sub-categories such as renewable energy, clean fuel, green technologies, capacity building, youth development, green innovation and green procurement. The tool would also build on the interest of multi-sectoral organisations to formulate green economy frameworks which would have a cascading effect on the supply chain.