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The future of sustainable lighting

Dubai, UAE; 25 April, 2013: DCCE participated in a roundtable discussion on more energy-efficiency in lighting organized by the bgreen magazine  to tackle the region’s ongoing challenges.
As the driver behind Dubai’s emission reduction efforts, DCCE will distribute close to 800,000 new energy efficient Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) to households in Dubai for free. These will replace existing wasteful Incandescent Light Bulbs (ICLs) and save up to 80% of the energy for lighting. One of the key panel members Mr. Solaiman Al-Rifai, Director of Project Finance at the DCCE goes on to say: ”In our projects, we consider the upgrade of lighting a quick-win with relatively small investments and very short simple payback periods. Additionally, the amount of carbon dioxide saved from electricity can make a real impact on the carbon footprint of an entity or household.”

This represents a key step towards what Agostino Renna, President & CEO of GE Lighting Europe, Middle East & Africa, describes as an “ideal model”. Mr. Renna points out that “With lighting accounting for a significant part of energy use, both for domestic and commercial purpose, it is important to shift the approach on lighting from treating it as a disposable commodity to a strategic asset.”

Through the use of CFL and LED technologies, the DCCE is looking to transition the role of lighting in public spaces and raise awareness of energy-efficient solutions; a key milestone in the exciting journey towards a greener UAE.