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Senior Management Team

Ivano Iannelli

The CEO of Dubai Carbon, Ivano, has been at the forefront of global conversations on sustainability and development economics for over two decades. He is a recognised expert in corporate transitions to low carbon, and regularly speaks at prominent events to challenge the status quo and spur businesses towards efficiency in resource use.

He has previously served with the United Nations as a senior official, and with the UNOPR as Chief of Programmes. His roles have taken him all over Africa and Asia as he focused on creating policies across the integrated energy and waste value chain to attract financing for a USD 770 million project portfolio.


Thomas Bosse

As Head of Programmes for Dubai Carbon, Thomas is responsible for developing and managing Solar PV rooftops, greenhouse gas offsetting, emission reduction programmes and capacity building.

His other responsibilities see him involved in business unit management, developing and marketing new business areas, financial adherence, negotiations and contracting, client relations, and quality assurance and control. He brings to the table expertise in emission reduction projects adhering to the Clean Development Mechanism, Gold Standard, and Programme of Activities. He is also well versed in the mechanics of Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs).


Amit Kotecha

As Head of Commercial at the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, Amit oversees business development, marketing, and knowledge products for the firm. His acumen rest in making key decisions that elevate Dubai Carbon’s business prowess and establishing pivotal regional relationships that enable rapid business growth.

Knowledge Products & Marketing Team

  • Ameera Khalid
  • Josiane Sadaka
  • Liga Lice de Costa
  • Lio De Belen
  • Mahdiah El-Jed
  • Musad Afzal
  • Shizza Khan

Solar Team

  • Amer Arafat
  • Faisal Kittana
  • H. Muhammad Shahab Khan
  • Nafeel Hameem
  • Tai Al Khairi
  • Muhammad Shoaib
  • Ahmed Tamimi
  • Marah Dwikat

Advisory Team

  • Dahlia Haleem
  • Farida Qtaishat
  • Faizan Rahim

Operations Team

  • Joel Ante
  • Moamen Younis
  • Jean Marie Masias
  • Anne Marie McAteen