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Professional Conduct

Your Competencies

Self Awareness

As a Dubai Carbon employee, we expect you to have the ability to understand your own impact in our environment or the team you work within. A typical Dubai Carbon employee is down to earth. Yes, as a Dubai Carbon employee you probably have a sheet of paper that says ‘Degree’ or ‘Masters’ on it and that is great, but at this stage, so do a lot of people. We are more concerned with who you really are and what are you really going to give to the organization, as an employee, on a day-to-day, practical basis and what will be your attitude while you’re doing it.

It is all business and nothing is personal. Emotional intelligence will get you far in this organization. You do not have to agree with your boss on a daily basis, and yes, you may disagree with some or all of the company procedures and policies, however, in those situations we expect a typical Dubai Carbon employee to learn to rise above it.

In the business environment, we compete with big names. Hence we chose a long time ago that we will not be selling boring speeches but emotions. Dubai Carbon Agents build long-lasting relationships with clients. An existing client will always have priority over a new client. We sell our passion as the key driver for change and leverage our trust to implement it.


Excellence is not being the best, it is doing the best. An environment and work culture of excellence are what Dubai Carbon strives for. Whether it is professionally in terms of task delivery or interaction with clients and colleagues, excellence is a key component of Dubai Carbon’s DNA. Commitment to improving results, processes, and constantly developing relationships by doing your best is what we expect on a daily basis.


Accept responsibility for your actions, be accountable for your results, take ownership of your mistakes.

You want to be a key part of the Dubai Carbon team, then you have to make sure you understand your deliverables, decisions, actions and results. You need to own up to the gaps by trying to find solutions to the problems. Be responsible for your work when you succeed and when there is a bump in the road. Own your mistakes, because you will learn the most from them. If you still cannot manage, then communicate and ask for help, at the end of a day we are a team and you are not a lone soldier.


We encourage you to be empowered to take an initiative that positively impacts your deliverables together with the working environment. Feel free to share concepts and ideas that could benefit the organization. We do however provide some basic guidelines that will support you throughout the time in Dubai Carbon.

Critical Analysis

By internalizing critical analysis as one of Dubai Carbon’s core competencies, you will become a more self-directed, self-disciplined, and self-aware thinker. It will not only allow you to develop the ability to raise vital questions and problems by formulating them clearly and precisely, but also, gather and assess relevant information by using abstract ideas to interpret effectively and fairly. Moreover, the critical analysis leads to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions by testing them against relevant criteria and standards. As a Dubai Carbon employee, you will come to see how critical thinking entails effective communication and problem-solving skills.

‘The ultimate authority must always rest with the individual’s own reason and critical analysis’ Dalai Lama

Management by Exception (MBE)

Dubai Carbon does not micro-manage its people. As a Dubai Carbon employee, you should take responsibility for actions, thoughts and words. Own the choices you make and the results that follow. In practice, you will be given trust, tasks and autonomy. If you don’t know, research and ask your assigned buddy. But once a task is accepted, you MUST respect the deadline and qualitative benchmark. If you need assistance, don’t wait till it’s too late. You are not expected to be reporting back to your manager unless there is an exception: whereby only the information that indicates a significant deviation of actual results from the budgeted or planned results is brought to the management’s attention.

Your Conduct

Dress Code

Dress to impress and dress for success!

Remember, it is both first and last impressions that last! Dress how you want to be addressed. Thus, maintaining a professional, business-like appearance is very important to the success and the image of Dubai Carbon. Employees should be aware that the dress code is seen as an integral part of the company’s culture and any inappropriateness could damage the reputation and future client relationships. As such, employees are required to wear business formal attire during working hours (more about this on the Dress Code Policy).

Thursdays are casual! This means that we wear casual attire if there are no client meetings.

Your Brand

Since you are part of the Dubai Carbon team now, you should be aware of the effect your actions may have on your image, as well as Dubai Carbon’s image. The information that someone posts or publishes may be public information for a long time and as a Dubai Carbon employee you should use your best judgment while posting material that is neither inappropriate nor harmful to Dubai Carbon, its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Employees are not to publish, post or release any information that is considered confidential or not public, deviation from this rule could result in serious consequences. If there are questions about what is considered confidential, employees are more than welcome to check with their line manager or the HR department.

It is highly recommended that employees keep company-related social media accounts separate from personal accounts, if practical.

Representing the Dubai Carbon Brand

As a Dubai Carbon ambassador, you must ensure that at all times you represent the Dubai Carbon brand in a proper fashion since your behaviour and attitude will affect the reputation of the company even outside the office and the office hours. You never know who could be listening or watching.

Document Template & Tone of Voice
As Dubai Carbon is a semi-government organization, with most of its clients from the public sector, all staff are advised to use adequate tones in their emails, over the phone and face-to-face communication respecting of local culture. In fact, in the local culture, how you convey your message is more important than the message itself.
In the United Arab Emirates, face-to-face meetings are always preferred over phone calls or emails since matters are best explained implicitly.
Staff are highly advised to avoid confrontation with shareholders and any members from local governance, as disagreeing can be seen as a sign of disrespect. Employees raise matters to their line managers who may know the more suitable way of reaching an agreement.